Post-acquisition Turkish operations yield positive results



Dallas, Texas, April 3, 2017 – Park Place Energy Inc. (OTCQB: PKPL) (“Park Place” or the “Company”) acquired interests in three producing oil and gas fields in Turkey in a transaction that closed January 18, 2017. The primary asset in the acquisition is the offshore production license called the South Akcakoca Sub-Basin (“SASB”). The SASB license is located off the north coast of Turkey towards the western end of the Black Sea in water depths ranging from 60 to 100 meters. Within the license are four producing fields, each with a production platform, plus pipelines that connect the fields to an onshore gas plant. The Company owns a 36.75% working interest in SASB.

Production from the SASB fields has been steadily declining in recent years due, in part, to limited investment. At year-end 2016, gross gas production was 2.56 MMcf/d (million cubic feet per day) and by mid-March 2017, gross production had further declined to 1.8 MMcf/d. When the Company completed this acquisition, the initial plans for these newly acquired properties included the re-logging of certain wells to confirm behind pipe potential. Those activities would be followed by perforations of the gas saturated zones identified by the re-logging operations.

In March, production logs were run in the three Akcakoca wells in SASB. Among other things, the re-logging confirmed the existence of up to 65 meters of potential gas reservoir behind pipe in the Akcakoca-3 well. Consequently, a 10 meter zone in the Akcakoca-3 well was perforated. Production from the Akcakoca-3 well has now stabilized at a gross production rate of just over 3 MMcf/d (86,000 mᶾ/d) on 24”/64” choke at a wellhead pressure of 660 psi, up from 0.16 MMcf/d (4,500 mᶾ/d). Gross production from the SASB license has increased to about 4 MMcf/d (115,000 mᶾ/d), which more than doubled the Company’s net production from the SASB field from this single operation.

A second Akcakoca well will be perforated in the near future. Thereafter, we plan to run production logs in most, if not all, of the remaining wells in the SASB fields that are connected to the existing production platforms. As additional untapped gas zones in these wells are identified, they also will be perforated, thereby further increasing the overall production, profitability and longevity of the SASB license.

Scott Larsen, the Company’s President and CEO, stated: “This is an outstanding outcome for the initial phase of operations on our newly acquired properties. This single and inexpensive operation has resulted in a significant increase in production. We will continue to evaluate methods to increase production from the SASB license.”

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